Landscape Ideas

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Three basic requirements for success: Full sun -  Most warm-season vegetables need at least six to eight hours of direct sun. The soil temperature depends on the sun to keep the vegetables going and resistant of insects and disease. Plant your raised bed vegetable...

Landscape Ideas

How To Sow Grass Seed

Apart from warmth you need three things when seeding a lawn: Good seed to soil contact Even distribution of seed Constant moisture Good Soil Contact Start by raking the surface to open it up ready for seeding. A good soil like Gro-Max Premium Garden Soil is a dark,...

Landscape Ideas

Keeping Deer Away From Your Garden Buffet

To the average deer your flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees, and shrubs are like a 24-hour salad bar. These creatures of habit can eat from 2-4.5 kg of vegetation a day and cause extensive damage. The key to keeping Deer off your property is to give them the...

Landscape Ideas

4 Good Grass Alternatives For The Cottage

There are a whole slew of reasons for being anti-grass at the cottage: the upkeep can be a hassle (and use up a lot of precious water), especially if your lawn gets a lot of pet and foot traffic; if you’re by a lake, chemical fertilizers and pesticides—not to...

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