Special Discount

Order 2 Cubic Yard Bags
Of Firewood and Save $10 Off Each Bag

Save $10 Off Each Subsequent Bulk Delivery after Original
(When More Than 3 Yards Ordered At One Time)

Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

1 Cubic Yard of mixed, seasoned hardwood. Can be used for indoor/outdoor fires.

• No dirt, wood chips, or debris in the bag
• Neat, tidy, delivered curbside or next to your garage
• Don’t have to immediately move and stack the wood piled in your driveway as with typical deliveries
• You don’t have to move wood at all – you can leave it in the bag and just take out what you need as you need it
• Reusable vented bags
• Wood dries better in the bag than in a big pile

Our Wood is sold as 1 Cubic Yard. Stacked wood pile is 5′ X 4′ x 16″

All our products will be delivered within 4 days of order, usually much less.

Small Bag Pick-up

Individual Bags of Firewood available in our yard.
All bags $9.00 including tax.

Yard Pick-up

You Pick-Up in our Northbrook yard. Our loader will place your required yardage of product in your trailer or pick-up truck.

Cubic Yard Delivery

Firewood is available in 1 Cubic Yard Bags delivered to you within 50 kms. of our Northbrook yard. Order 2 Cubic Yard Bags and Save $10 Off Each Bag.

Bulk Delivery

Bulk Material Delivery – minimum of 3 yards of firewood delivered to you and dumped at your location.