Delivered Topsoil, Stone, Mulch, Sand & Seasoned Firewood

In The Bag Landscape Products will deliver bulk product or 1 cubic yard, reusable/resealable woven bags, filled with the landscaping product of your choice to your location within 50 km. of our Northbrook, Ontario yard. (If you are slightly outside of our 50 km. delivery radius, call anytime and we can discuss delivery).

Come to our yard with your pick up or a trailer and we will load you with any of our products or you can pick up individual small bags.

  • Choose from garden soil, top dressing, bark mulch, sand, and a variety of stone and firewood
  • Delivery will be organized within 3-4 business days of placing your order
  • Nowhere else can you find quality topsoil, mulch, aggregates and other material delivered throughout the Land O’ Lakes for less
  • Call our Office at (613) 336-2345 or Email Us for more information

Ordering Options

Order Online

Call our Office  (613) 336-2345

Bulk Pick-Up at our Yard

  • Planting Soil
  • GRO-MAX® Premium Garden Soil
  • GRO-TURF® Top Dress
  • Mushroom compost

  • Mocha Brown Bark
  • Classic Cedar Mulch
  • Black Beauty Bark

  • Limestone
  • Pea Gravel
  • Riverstone
  • Beach Sand
  • Screenings

  • Seasoned Firewood – Ready For Your Campfire
  • Our Wood is sold as 1 Cubic Yard.
  • Stacked wood pile is 5′ X 4′ x 16″

  • Landscape Fabric
  • Fertilizer
  • Grass Seed

Our premium line of raised garden beds
makes it easier than ever to grow that
amazing garden you’ve always wanted.

Special Discount

Order 2 Cubic Yard Bags
Of Any Product and Save $10 Off Each Bag

Save $10 Off Each Subsequent Bulk Delivery after Original
(When More Than 3 Yards Ordered At One Time)

*discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

🆇 Marks The Spot For Your Next Landscape Material Delivery

After placing your material order, please ensure to mark the delivery location with an ‘X’ where you want us to place your material with chalk or tape. Putting this X down ensures that we get your material exactly where you want it.

Cubic Yard Delivery

All our landscape products are available in 1 Cubic Yard Bags delivered to you within 50 kms. of our Northbrook yard.

Yard Pick-up

You Pick-Up in our Northbrook yard. Our loader will place your required yardage of product in your trailer or pick-up truck.

Small Bag Pick-up

Individual Bags of each product are available in our yard.


Bulk Delivery

Bulk Material Delivery – minimum of 3 yards of any product delivered to you and dumped at your location.