GRO-TURF® TOP DRESS for Beautiful Lawns

Top dressing your lawn helps to increase nutrient retention, improve drainage and increase disease and pest resistance. It will encourage the production of new shoots, and result in a thicker lawn with the added benefit of hindering moss and weed infestations. Top dressing will help a lawn recover from soil compaction, nutrient deficiency, and water or heat stress.

Top dressing does not just improve the look of your lawn, but can also benefit the health of the grass too. It allows you to maintain a level lawn surface by filling in any imperfections or hollow areas to create a smooth surface. It also helps to dilute thatch layers, assisting in their natural breakdown and preventing them from building up. It is usually best to top dress in spring or as soon as you have reached your regular weekly mow. The earlier in the growing season the better.

Steps to Top Dressing your Lawn

  1. Clear the turf and aerate.
  2. Mow the lawn.
  3. Apply the topsoil, spreading evenly a few feet at a time.
  4. Water the lawn.
  5. Rake and smooth any uneven areas.

When spreading on your lawn, a depth of 1″ should be used.

Gro-Turf® is a rich blend of composted materials that is high in organic matter and beneficial soil microbes. It can be applied with, or without seed in a topdressing program. Gro-Turf™ Premium Topdressing is formulated for maximal root growth with a blend of compost, aged bark, peat, sand and sandy loam. It is balanced for pH, water holding capacity and air porosity.

Gro-Turf® has excellent moisture retention, which promotes water holding for over seeding.

Gro-Turf® has been specifically designed to attack and break down thatch, a layer of both living and dead plant material that accumulates around the base of grass plants. This helps to eliminate heavy thatch build-up, which encourages root grow-in and nutrient transfer – keeping your lawn looking healthy and green

Gro-Turf® is used primarily as a top dress to maintain turf and improve turf conditions. If seeding a new area, it is important to irrigate multiple times per day, especially when the sun is high and air conditions are dry. Seed should be covered with a layer of high moisture holding organic material to keep seed moist throughout the germination process. It is very important seed does not dry out before or after germination. Once turf area is established, irrigation can be reduced.

Horticultural Benefits
  • Attacks thatch
  • Encourages grow-in
  • Benefits turf layer and root zone
  • Apply with or without seed in top dressing program
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