Classic Cedar Mulch

Classic Cedar Mulch


Natural, golden-brown, cedar mulch. Classic Cedar can be used as mulch for a variety of plants including trees, shrubs and perennials.

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  • Cubic Yard Delivery -1 cubic yard, reusable/resealable woven bags, filled with the landscaping product of your choice to your location within 50 kms. of our Northbrook yard.
  • Bulk product delivery is available within a 50 kms. radius from our yard.
  • Landscape products are delivered within 4 days of order.
  • Usually same or next day delivery is available.
  • After placing your order, please ensure you mark the delivery location with an ‘X’ where you want us to place your material with chalk or tape. Putting this ‘X’ down ensures that we get your material exactly where you want it. The home owner is responsible for ensuring the drop location is accessible. We cannot drive over grass or  septic systems

Please call our office or Email Us if you have any questions (613) 336-2345.

Freshly ground white cedar bark releasing a strong cedar aroma. Golden brown colour that greys with age.

Classic Cedar can be used as mulch for a variety of plants including trees, shrubs and perennials.


  • Fibrous texture mats together to hold mulch in place and provide a clean finish
  • Forms a natural weed barrier, resisting airborne weed seeds
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Long lasting; slow decomposition

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4 Bags $25 incl. Tax, Small Bag Pick Up, Yard Pick-up, Bulk Delivery – 1 yard, Bulk Delivery – 2 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 3 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 4 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 5 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 6 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 7 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 8 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 9 Yards, Bulk Delivery – 10 Yards


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