Simply Earth™ is our pre-fertilized Super Soil which is the core of the BlueSky Organicssystem. This specifically formulated growing media is packaged with 18 premium ingredients. It is bio-inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi, microbes, and beneficial bacteria to boost the performance of your plants.

This active community of soil microbes convert typically unavailable nutrients into plant-absorbable forms, allowing the plant to take them up. This availability leads to higher performance, resilience, and quality. Super Soil converts typically unavailable nutrients into easy-to-absorb forms which supplies precise nutrients for each stage of growth.

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BlueSky Organics Simply Earth™ Super Soil was created by growers, for growers. This high-quality grow media is packed with 18 premium ingredients and is designed for fast growing, heavy feeding plants. Simply Earth™ Super Soil is bio-inoculated with mycorhizzal fungi and beneficial microbes that boost your plants’ performance. The ideal air-to-water ratio promotes massive root growth and enables sufficient drainage.

Super Soil converts typically unavailable nutrients into easy-to-absorb forms, supplying precise nutrients for your plants. Super Soil is a high performance, resilient and fortified soil designed for all your fruiting and flowering plants. For the best possible results, use BlueSky Organics premium nutrients and soil amendments.

Simply Earth™ Super Soil can be used with Organic or synthetic fertilizers.

 Super Soil Uses:

  • Greenhouse, Indoor/Outdoor Gardening, Annuals, Potted Flowering Plants, Beds, Fruit & Flowering plants and High value crops.
  • Simply Earth™ Super Soil can be used alone or mixed in with your favorite growing media.
  • Use with ‘BlueSky Complete Growing System’ to maximize yields and results.

For Nature, By Nature – 18 Premium Ingredients

  • Pre-Fertilized
  • Ready To Use
  • Excellent source of Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • Balanced Air to Water Ratio
  • Excellent source of Minerals
  • Excellent Source of Amino Acids
  • Excellent source of Calcium & Magnesium (Time released)



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