Complete Grow System Instructions

Step 1

1. Use the single size 500 ml pot and plant cuttings in the Super Soil.

Step 2

2. Mix a 1.5 ml per liter portion of the Fert-Alive™ solution into clean, unchlorinated water. Adjust the pH level before application of Fert-Alive™ and use it at every second watering until the plants reach desired height.

Step 3

3. Once the plants are established with a healthy root system transplant them into the Simply Earth™ Super Soil in your desired pot size and continue to use Fert-Alive™.

Step 4

4. When your plants have reached desired height for pot size (example 41–46 cm [16–18˝] if in 12 L [3 gallon] pots) they are ready to begin the ‘Flowering Stage’. Go to to enter ‘Kick Date’ in the online calendar.

Step 5

5. Use the five additives (Organic Reactor™, Fert-Alive™, Flower Two™, Vit-Alive™, and Organic Booster™) according to the online calendar. Water and feed during daylight cycle where a minimum of 8-hours of daylight follows.

Step 6

6. Be sure to apply Organic Reactor™ at a rate of 25-75 ml per gallon of soil. Sprinkle evenly around your pots, avoiding contact with the stem, lightly scratch the medium and add water as needed.

NOTE: It is NOT advised to use Super Soil for propagation purposes (seed or fresh cuttings). Use a propagation medium such as EASY Plugs instead. Once germination is complete or in the case of fresh cuttings with established rooting, transplanting into Super Soil is great!

The Rooting & Vegetative Stage

Seed Propagation & Cuttings

Plant the cuttings in 500 ml pots using the Simply Earth™ Super Soil media.  Mix a 0.5% solution of Fert-Alive™ additive (1.5 ml per liter) in clean, unchlorinated water. Adjust the pH and use the solution every second watering until the plants have reached the desired height (example – 15-21 cm (6–8”) tall).


Your plants’ roots system needs to be well established before transplanting. Transplant from the 500 ml pots into desired pot size. Continue to use the Fert-Alive™ formula. Always alternate feed and water. Continue vegetative growth until your plant reaches desired size/height, then begin the flowering stage by changing the photo-period to 12 hours of daylight / 12 hours of darkness.

The Flowering Stage

Through the flowering stage, the BlueSky Organics System uses five additives; Organic Reactor™, Fert-Alive™ & Flower Two™, Vit-Alive™ & Organic Booster™. The additives are applied in sequence following a weekly schedule (refer to the Online Grow Calendar: Water and feed only during daylight cycle when a minimum of 8hours of light follows. Do not allow plant to dry out, but be cautious to not over water (over-watering will cause your plant to stop feeding).

While these instructions use a 9-week flowering stage, it is important to remember that your plants may finish earlier or may take some additional time to finish flowering. Simply cut back or add Organic Booster™ applications as needed to adjust to your plants’ progress. Remember to flush by just watering only in the last week before harvest if you need to add or subtract weeks.

Organic Reactor™

When you begin the flowering stage immediately apply Organic Reactor™ at a rate of 25-75 ml per gallon of soil. This is a simple process: just spread the Organic Reactor™ evenly over the Simply Earth™ Super Soil, avoiding the plant stem. Lightly scratch into the medium where possible and water as needed.  Repeat the application in the beginning of week 3. For best results, after you apply the top dress use some Super Soil to cover the Organic Reactor™ with a thin mulch. This will help to control the crust that may form on the media surface, which can prevent water penetration. If crusting persists, break up the crust before watering with a two or three claw hand cultivator.


Fert-Alive™ is compatible with all soil and soil-less growing mediums, fertilization programs, seed propagation and rooting compounds.

  • SOIL APPLICATIONS: Dilute 1 L Fert-Alive™ to 10 L water. Fert-Alive™ can be applied as a concentrate through spray rigs or other systems – when water follows – to reach at least 10:1 dilution.
  • GENERAL APPLICATION RATES: Apply at least 5 gallons per acre (undiluted); or per application, 2 – 3 applications per season. Applying after harvest is also recommended, if possible.
  • FOLIAR APPLICATIONS (INCLUDING TURF): Dilute 1 L Fert-Alive™ to 50 L water. Spray after sunset or in the coolest part of the day. Runoff is beneficial to the soil. Aerial spraying: 1 L Fert-Alive™ to 1 L water. Follow with irrigation.
  • Compost Accelerator and Nutritional Builder: 1 L Fert-Alive™ to 10 L water when watering compost pile.
  • SEEDLINGS OR TRANSPLANTS: Dip in a solution of 4 oz. (120 ml) Fert-Alive™ to 1 gallon (4 L) of water, then plant.

Compost Tea Blends – Dry & Liquid

BlueSky Organics Compost Tea Blend is used in weeks 1, 3, and 5 of the flowering cycle. The Vit-Alive™ – Dry Compost Tea + Organic Booster™ – Liquid Compost CAL-MAG solution consists of 0.5% Vit-Alive™ and 0.1% Organic Booster™ mixed in water (1 kg of Vit-Alive™ and 120 ml of Organic Booster™ per 200 L of water). Mix in a separate reservoir that suits your crop size, used only for Vit-Alive™ + Organic Booster™. A 200 L reservoir is sufficient for one application for 100 plants. Let the Compost Tea Blend solution develop for 24 hours, and aerate with an air stone, compost tea brewer, or by mixing twice daily with a pump or paddle. Apply within 48 hours for maximum potency. Adjust the pH of the solution and simply use it for a regular watering at the start of weeks 1, 3, and 5. The Compost Tea Blend solution will clog fine watering wand heads; for best results, use a nylon sock or tea bag to suspend granular inputs of Vit-Alive™. For weeks 6 and 7, you may use the Organic Booster™ on its own, up to 10 days before harvest (0.1% solution of Organic Booster™ only).

NOTE: This schedule is calculated on an 8-week Flowering period; for a longer flowering cycle, repeat weeks 6 & 7.

**Application rates for organic products have been converted to ‘ml’ for ease of use. For additional weeks of VEG, repeat weeks 2-3; for additional weeks of FLOWER, repeat weeks 6-7.

Prepare the tea blend solution by adding 5 ml of Vit-Alive™ and 0.6 ml of Organic Booster™ to each liter of water.

After mixing, the solution must develop for 24 hours. Aerate with an air stone, compost tea brewer/pump or by hand.

After mixing, the solution must develop for 24 hours. Aerate with an air stone, compost tea brewer/pump or by hand.

pH Adjusting

Before any application check your pH levels and ensure they are in desired range of 5.5 – 6.5. If the pH level is lower, use our Natural Adjuster pH Up formula by simply adding and circulating. Re-test to ensure the desired level is achieved before re-application. If the pH level is higher, use our Natural Adjuster pH Down formula by simply adding and circulating. Re-test to ensure the desired level is achieved before re-application.

Disclaimer: This system has been tested extensively and results will be best if the instructions are followed precisely. It only functions properly when all its components are used. It has been optimized for single 500 ml pots for rooting and 3 US gallon (12 L) pots for the vegetative and flowering stages. Please call if your containers are different volumes. Some basic gardening skills will ensure your best results. Pruning is something that often gets overlooked. Your plants should be topped and pruned during the vegetative cycle. We have found our best results when bottom pruning as you begin the Flowering Stage and again on day 10. Frequently remove any yellowing, dead leaves from the plants throughout the flowering stage.