Why Organic is Better:

The Benefits of Organic Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, there’s no doubt organic is better. Organic cannabis is every bit as potent as cannabis grown using conventional methods. It also has added health and safety benefits. The benefits of organic cannabis include superior flavour, less environmental impact, and less chance of contamination with dangerous toxins and heavy metals.

BlueSky Organics uses premium inputs to formulate their growing media, specialty fertilizers, plant nutrients and amendments. Their award-winning products are specifically formulated to encourage healthy, balanced soil for your plants. The result is an easy-to-use system that meets or exceeds the yields of conventional products, with superior quality, aroma, and flavour.

They believe in the organic movement and are committed to making sustainable and natural choices. 
We all believe we can reduce our environmental footprint by going back to the basics in horticulture, the way nature intended.

In The Bag Landscape Products is proud to be offering our clients the Blue Sky Organics line of organic products.